Prescriber Outreach

Effective medication management is complex. Prescribers have an important role in monitoring usage, understanding potential side effects, and ensuring the most effective medications — in terms of efficacy and safety outcomes as well as cost — are prescribed. It is also important for prescribers to remain current with new therapies, especially at a time when new drugs are being approved by the Food and Drug Administration at historically high rates.

Our team collaborates with more than 60 clinical pharmacists and pharmacy associates at UMass Chan Medical School to develop successful prescriber outreach and education programs to inform prescribers about evidence-based clinical and economic benefits of various medications relative to their areas of practice. These customized outreach programs can produce medication-related savings quickly, while ensuring patients receive the appropriate medication for optimal outcomes.

Prescriber outreach and education services may include:

  • A Drug Utilization Review team of consultant pharmacists and pharmacy associates
  • Outcomes analysis, monitoring, and service tracking
  • Refill reminder calls to prescribers
  • Training and educational materials related to medication initiatives