Our consultants approach client relationships from a partnership perspective. Using objective, evidence-based methods, we take a close look at your needs for business process services, such as third-party administration and call centers. Then, we work with you to formulate a plan that best meets those needs.

Operational Assessments

During the operational assessment, our consultants get to know your team and your business. We believe this is an essential step. The insight we gain enables us to develop a deep understanding of your organization’s personality and values, in addition to your business goals.

Design and Development

After programs reach the desired level of stability and self-sufficiency, our team provides administrative support to the extent that our clients request.

Business Process Solutions

Outsourcing some — or perhaps all — of your business processes to UHealthSolutions can be an effective way to maximize your resources and your capacity to serve patients, members, and providers. At the same time, our team helps you maintain quality of service.

Examples of Our Solutions

  • Provided pre-planning and program design for the customer service program for MassHealth, the Medicaid program in Massachusetts
  • Evaluated the state’s pharmacy spending and made recommendations for savings for the Department of Medical Assistance Services, Virginia’s Medicaid program
  • Piloted a community case management program on behalf of UMass Medical School.
    • After two years, we transferred this successful initiative to UMass, where it has continued to grow and improve quality of life for people with disabilities.
  • Developed, implemented, and now fully administer the state pharmaceutical assistance program in Massachusetts, Prescription Advantage.
  • Provided operational support for Office of Survey Research, another UMass program.
    • We conducted its first five surveys using our call center facility and our experienced customer service representatives.