Patient Communications

Professional, compassionate, and efficient patient communication is critically important to ensure appropriate patient-centered care. Many times, communication with a call center representative is the first patient interaction before care is delivered. That is why the UHealthSolutions approach goes beyond the basic management of inbound and outbound calls to transform patient communication practices. 

We understand how missed appointments and ineffective patient communications can affect operational and clinical issues for health care providers. Patients need that important, positive interaction, so that health center providers can give them the personal and clinical attention that they need.  Yet, primary care practices across the country struggle with frequently missed appointments. On the operational side, missed and unused appointment slots represent lost revenue for providers, which safety-net providers in particular cannot afford. On the clinical side, missed appointments represent potential disruption in care continuity, limit a practice’s ability to respond to same-day appointment requests, and increase wait times.

Our commitment to serving diverse populations is reflected in all of our services. We are experienced in meeting the varied needs of a broad range of patients, providers, and staff, including:

  • Patients who are elderly, disabled, and/or have special needs
  • Medicare, Medicaid, and dual-eligible populations
  • Linguistically and culturally diverse populations
  • Health care providers
  • Community health center patients and staff