Chana Thibodo

Program Director, UHealthSolutions

With a solid background in customer service and contact center leadership, Chana Thibodo leads a number of programs and initiatives at UHealthSolutions.

She has been with UHealthSolutions for 15 years, starting as a customer service representative in one of the call centers, and progressing through a number of positions to her current role. She serves as the main liaison with clients on their deliverables, and coordinates with the internal teams and external partners to ensure that client and member needs and expectations are fully met.

Prior to joining UHealthSolutions, Ms. Thibodo was a small business owner, and had worked in customer service at UPS. She received an associate’s degree from Rajabhat University, Chiangmai ,Thailand, and is fluent in Thai and Laotian. She also received a Certificate in Public Administration through Clark University and UMass Medical School.