Business Process Management

Our information technology specialists have developed business process management software to streamline UHealthSolutions operations. This directly benefits the health care organizations that look to us for outsourcing solutions.

With the capacity to automate your most time-consuming business process tasks, we serve as a cost-effective outsourcing partner for your organization.

Our technology team supports our ability to provide a full range of third-party administrative services:

  • Document scanning and fax capture to eliminate paperwork
  • Automated workflow for case management
  • Flexible e-formsto capture and display patient data
  • Central data warehouse and reporting solution for claims, eligibility, benefits, lab results, etc.
  • Secure data access and encryptionexceeding HIPAA requirements

Identifying opportunities for process improvement

With Healthcare Explorer™, our data warehouse and reporting system, UHealthSolutions provides you with access to custom dashboards that deliver performance indicators and alerts for your pharmacy program. Drilling down into specific cost drivers can reveal areas with potential for process improvement. For example, you can compare prescribing trends for Advair® and Symbiocort® for diagnoses related to asthma and chronic pulmonary obstructive disorder. Through this process, you can identify potential off-label prescribing. You can also identify groups or areas that have high incidence of certain conditions by using the dynamic filters such as the following:

  • Gender
  • Race
  • Age
  • Diagnosis code
  • Geographic location

With this type of analysis, health care organizations can provide targeted medical services and interventions to prevent the need for acute care and emergency department treatments.

Healthcare Explorer

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