Information Technology

The UHealthSolutions team is supported by in-house information technology experts dedicated to bringing greater depth and efficiency to our service offerings. We have developed customized tools to meet the unique needs of the health care sector.

Business Process Management

Our technology solutions help you automate your most time-consuming business process tasks. With our Healthcare Explorer™ software, you gain access to data that can reveal opportunities for process improvement.

Technology in the Contact Center

The advanced technology in our contact center amplifies the skills of our customer service representatives. It also supports the quality assurance systems we have in place to maintain and improve our service standards.

Health Care Business Intelligence

We provide objective business intelligence that can help you improve processes and project both risks and costs for individuals or targeted populations. 

Data Privacy and Security

We have a record of meeting and exceeding industry standards for privacy and data security.

Benefit Enrollment and Eligibility Management Systems

Our proprietary enrollment and eligibility system, called BEEs™, manages data on members, their benefits, and their interactions with UHealthSolutions.

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